Representing Brixton: The Story of Brixton's MPs   Representing Brixton:
The story of Brixton's MP
As a member of his local community society, Simon wrote a leaflet about those men and women who have represented Brixton in parliament since it first sent MPs to the House of Commons in 1832.

PUBLISHED BY The Brixton Society

Britain & The European Union   Britain & the European Union
Updated to include the results of the 2019 referendum on Britain’s EU membership, this book covers the history of the EU since its foundation and Britain’s troubled relationship with it since it joined in 1973.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Wattss

Presidents of the United States   THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES
Written for the 2000 election and since updated, this biographical and historical guide to all 43 presidents was written for American children interested in the politics of their own country.


Flashpoints Northern IrelandFlashpoints Russian Republics
Flashpoints The Balkans

Three in a series of books covering major flashpoints around the world, explaining the historical, economic, social and cultural reasons why these areas have so often been in the news.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts





AfghanistanThe Role of the United Nations   AFGHANISTAN

Afghanistan, published in the 'Countries in the News' series, looks at the troubled history and politics of Afghanistan. The Role of the United Nations looks at the facts behind the headlines about the UN and the work it does around the world, provoking the reader's interest with talking points and contentious issues to be discussed.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts

Changing World - Russia   changing world

How the largest country in the world has changed in recent years and how it is facing its many current economic, political and social challenges.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts

Propaganda in War & Peace   PROPAGANDA IN WAR & PEACE
A 64-page investigation into the history, production and use of propaganda, one of a series dealing with the various ways we are influenced and persuaded.

PUBLISHED BY Heinemann Library

    Other Books on politics
written by Simon Adams

Citizen Guides
What Happens in a Town Hall

What Happens at an election
Written to support the citizenship strand of the national curriculum.
pubLISHED BY Franklin Watts

media power

A series of case studies on how the media affects the politics of today.
pubLISHED BY Franklin Watts


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