The Battle of Waterloo   The battle of waterloo

A fascimile of an account of the Battle of Waterloo ‘by a near observer, with circumstantial details … from a variety of authentic and original sources,’ first published weeks after the battle in 1815. A copy of the original book was bought by Simon’s antique-dealer mother in Guildford and then discovered after her death on her bookshelves. Simon has written a new introduction to the book, which attracted considerable publicity on its recent publication.

Published by Osprey Publishing

DK Eyewitness Soldier   Eyewitness books

Simon’s latest successful ‘Eyewitness’ title, Soldier looks at the life and work of a soldier, from recruitment and the first days in the army through to the experience of battle and the importance of morale. Includes information on women in the armed services and child soldiers.

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Soldiers of the first world war   Soldiers of the first world war

Drawing on the diaries and letters of the soldiers who fought on both sides of the war, Simon describes what it was like to fight during the bloody battles of the First World War.

Published by Franklin Watts

Infinity - Warrior   infinity

The life and bravery of warriors through the ages, from the ancient Assyrians to the guerrillas, partisans and freedom fighters of the present day. Illustrated with amazing digital artworks, multi-view pages, pop-ups and an eight-page graphic novel.

Published by Templar

Knights   knights

The armoured world of medieval knights, their weapons, armour, castles and heroic adventures brought to thrilling life with pop-ups, flaps and other visual delights.

Published by Carlton

War   WAR

For this recent blockbuster from Dorling Kindersley, Simon wrote two of the seven chapters, covering the start of mechanized warfare from 1830 to 1914 and modern conflicts since 1945.

Published by Dorling Kindersley

1001 Battles   1001 Battles

As a major contributor to this recent title, Simon wrote all of the entries on battles fought on or around the British Isles, from the Viking attack on Lindisfarne in 793 to Culloden in 1746, as well as all the entries for the USA Civil War. Simon also contributed entries to 1001 Ideas, published in the same series by Cassell in 2013.

Published by Cassell

World War OneWorld War Two   Eyewitness books
World War I
World War II

Two bestselling books in the internationally acclaimed ‘Eyewitness’ series, documenting the military, political and social history of the two world wars, written and produced in association with the Imperial War Museum, London.

Published by Dorling Kindersley

Secret History - The Iraq War   secret history
The iraq war

The secret history of the war that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003 and its bloody aftermath, this book includes coverage of special forces, stealth bombers, and the capture of Saddam.

Published by Franklin Watts

War Machines AeroplanesWar Machines Artillery
War Machines ShipsWar Machines Tanks

A series of four books for reluctant readers – mainly boys who can but won’t read – written in association with the Imperial War Museum and making extensive use of their massive photographic archive. Each book covers 12 cutting-edge weapons of the 20th century, complete with details of their specifications and performance.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts

World War One Causes & ConsequencesWorld War One War in the Trenches   WORLD WAR ONE

Two in a series covering the events of World War I, complete with running chronologies, fact boxes, biographies, maps and quotations.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts

World War Two Causes, Course & ConsequencesWorld War Two Holocaust
World War Two Under Occupation

Three in a series covering the events of World War II, including a sensitive and much-praised account of the Holocaust. The series is highly illustrated with detailed chronologies, fact boxes and other information.

PUBLISHED BY Franklin Watts

World War Two Occupation & ResistanceWorld War Two The Eastern Front   DOCUMENTING WORLD WAR II
Using contemporary documents and other primary source material, such as posters and propaganda leaflets, these two titles explore aspects of World War II in a new and exciting way.


    Other Books on warfare
written by Simon Adams

in the war
the blitz

Two books in a series covering the home front in Britain during World War II
pubLISHED BY Wayland


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